Close To You

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CLOSE TO YOU (Downtown Edit Remix)
Artist: Whigfield

Nobody pays
Much attention
They misuse their time
Maybe its better to mention
Moments passing by

A secret to tell
I got something
They don't have
And baby it's you that
Is lifting me high

I just wanna be close to you
'Cos I understand
The strength of your hand
Oh and love that you
Put me through
You're more than a friend
So love me again

Baby you're full of affection
People stop and smile
Maybe they see my intention
To make life worthwhile



Love that you put me through ...


ปล. ช่วงนี้ ไม่รู้อัพเดทชีวิตยังไงดี
เอาไว้ กลับมาจากเกาหลีใต้ปลายสัปดาห์
ค่อยมาบิ๊วกันใหม่นะครับ :-)






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